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Power Cords for Brazil – What is InMetro?

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InMetro is the government certification body for the country of Brazil. InMetro, National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality, began enforcing a nationwide standard for power cords and wall receptacles in early 2007. The grace period for compliance ended on January 1st, 2009. Ever since that date, Webber Electronics has offered a full line of InMetro compliant power cords that meet the NBR14136 requirements.

Brazil previously used a combination of North American and European style plugs for AC power delivery. In a move towards more common nationwide standards, they have adopted the newer plug styles you will see pictured below.

LT-415 sideinmetro

These plugs feature a slimmer profile and cylindrical pins for all three conductors (Hot, Neutral, and Ground).

The Brazilian government is enforcing full compliance with this safety standard via traditional inspections of goods entering the country, and other forms of evaluation. Manufacturers, Distributors, and OEM’s should make sure they have the proper power cords with their product prior to export. For questions about this InMetro NBR14136 standard or any product inquiries, please contact our support team at Webber Electronics.

Brazil NBR14136 to C13

Webber CL60119 Pictured above.
Brazil Plug ImageLT-415 face


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