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Are You Exporting Product, Designing Electronics, or Simply Traveling to Russia? – What Power Cord Should You Use?

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The growing interest in Russia due to the 2014 Olympic Games in SOCHI, has inspired this informative post. It covers some brief history, and answers the question about power cord use in the land of the Russian Federation.

Russia’s history dates back to the 3rd Century AD and is the largest country by land mass in the world, covering 6.5 million square miles, bordering at least 14 countries, sharing maritime waters with both Japan and the US, spanning 9 global time zones, and populated by 143 million people. They also have the 8th largest GDP by buying power in the world. Russia is also known for its mineral and energy reserves, the largest on earth actually. The Russian Federation was born in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and is a growing player in the global economic stage.

Russia, like many other sovereign nations, has its own safety standards for products manufactured, sold, and imported within its borders. The Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC) maintains a set of technical standards that regulate power cords, and is more commonly recognized as GOST (www.gost.ru). The mark that you will see on power cords that comply with this standard is recognized as “PCT”, and usually appears as illustrated above.

See breakdown of the acronyms below:

PCT – Russia; actually “GOST-R” Государственные стандарты Российской Федерации (ГОСТ-Р) (Gosudarstvennyi standarty Rossiiskoi Federatsii, Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology)

The plug adopted for use in Russia is the familiar “SCHUKO”, or technically the CEE 7/7. It must not only match in configuration, but it must also have the appropriate approval and markings. Webber Electronics sells the exact power cord you will need to meet these requirements. It is our CL60635-BL, and as you can see below, it not only meets the basic safety standard, but exceeds in quality of construction. The cables are available in multiple stock configurations, and are available for quote to meet any custom requirements.

LT-322Webber LT-322

Contact our Technical Support Team today for questions, browse our inventory, or simply place your order with our secure online shopping cart.


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