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Is your power washer not working?

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power washer.pngThis can be very frustrating when you’re ready to start spring cleaning projects. You get everything ready, pull the power washer out of the garage, connect the hose, plug in your cord, turn the switch, and ……, nothing happens. Its likely just the GFCI plug at the end of the cord.

This plug keeps you safe, and can get damaged through regular use, or simply wear out over time.

This is true of other equipment that require GFCI plugs; spa and pool pumps, children’s bounce houses power tools, and others make the list.

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Let Webber Electronics save the day, or your wallet. Our affordable, easy to assemble,  user attachable GFCI Plugs ship from stock in Ohio, and shipping is free. You buy from our Amazon Web Store, or direct from our Website.



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