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Right/Left Up/Down Angle IEC-LOCK!

Finally! After a lot of customer feedback and diligent R&D, IEC-Lock offers a full line of angled locking IEC connectors. This includes both rewireable and overmolded variations.


Available for sale today.  On our Website or on Amazon.

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IEC-Lock Hospital Grade Power Cords

“…a secure power connection when it matters most.”

Patient care facilities require steady and uninterrupted power for life saving equipment. The IEC-Lock Hospital Grade power cords available at Webber Electronics are ideal for that secure connection. Whether you’re a manufacture, a biomed maintenance specialist, or a medical equipment repair technician, this provides a secure power connection when it matters most.

Our IEC-Lock Hospital Grade power cords will self-lock into any existing C13 inlet, and require no extra equipment.

Purchase here, or request a quote for higher volumes.

CL60108-LOCK 10 FT Hospital Grade IEC-Lock Power Cord 18AWG