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Right/Left Up/Down Angle IEC-LOCK!

Finally! After a lot of customer feedback and diligent R&D, IEC-Lock offers a full line of angled locking IEC connectors. This includes both rewireable and overmolded variations.


Available for sale today.  On our Website or on Amazon.

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Is your power washer not working?

power washer.pngThis can be very frustrating when you’re ready to start spring cleaning projects. You get everything ready, pull the power washer out of the garage, connect the hose, plug in your cord, turn the switch, and ……, nothing happens. Its likely just the GFCI plug at the end of the cord.

This plug keeps you safe, and can get damaged through regular use, or simply wear out over time.

This is true of other equipment that require GFCI plugs; spa and pool pumps, children’s bounce houses power tools, and others make the list.

WBGF9 new profile


Let Webber Electronics save the day, or your wallet. Our affordable, easy to assemble,  user attachable GFCI Plugs ship from stock in Ohio, and shipping is free. You buy from our Amazon Web Store, or direct from our Website.



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Replacement Plugs and Connectors

Durable replacement plugs and connectors now available from Webber Electronics. You can create your own custom cable, or repair a damaged extension or appliance cord.



These all come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, and will stand the test of heavy use. These parts are UL listed for peace of mind.

Get yours today direct from our website (credit card and PayPal accepted), or our Amazon webstore.


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UltraXtreme Cables New AWG’s & Lengths Available

Our popular UltraXtreme extension cords are now available in multiple lengths and AWG’s. You can chose between 50 or 100 FT lengths, and 14 or 12 AWG.

These parts are in stock in Ohio today!

Volume pricing available, too.

WBEXT1450UX profile

Buy Direct From Webber:

14 AWG 50 FT – WBEXT1450UX

14 AWG 100 FT – WBEXT14100UX

12 AWG 50 FT – WBEXT1250UX

12 AWG 100 FT – WB12100UX

You may also visit our Amazon Webstore:

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New U X Logo color 1.3.17

The UltraXtreme Extension Cord is constructed of TPE (SJEOW) compound which guarantees maximum flexibility with abrasion and oil resistance. This cord will outperform and outlast all of your standard PVC extension cords, and works well in some of the harshest weather conditions. The UltraXtreme extension cord will stand the test of heavy use.

WB12100UX profile with logo

Features Include:

  • Illuminated Receptacle that indicates if the cord has power
  • Easy to identify blue colored cable (won’t get mistaken from other low quality extension cords)
  • Extreme high flex cable material
  • Cold weather flexibility (perfect for construction, holiday lighting, and electric snowblowers)
  • Heat resistance that makes it perfect for all climates

These cords are available in both 14 and 12 AWG, and lengths of 50 and 100 FT.

Buy yours today direct from our website, or our Amazon Web Store.



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The Triton-Lock is our newest extension cable in our growing family of Webber Pro-Series products. It shares the same benefits of the original Triton extension cord, and has an added locking feature to each of the NEMA connectors. This will prevent accidental disconnections when power is critical.

This is a superior power cable, built to last, and designed to impress.


This will illuminate when powered, and will make a secure connection while in use. These are in stock with free shipping!

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IEC-Lock Hospital Grade Power Cords

“…a secure power connection when it matters most.”

Patient care facilities require steady and uninterrupted power for life saving equipment. The IEC-Lock Hospital Grade power cords available at Webber Electronics are ideal for that secure connection. Whether you’re a manufacture, a biomed maintenance specialist, or a medical equipment repair technician, this provides a secure power connection when it matters most.

Our IEC-Lock Hospital Grade power cords will self-lock into any existing C13 inlet, and require no extra equipment.

Purchase here, or request a quote for higher volumes.

CL60108-LOCK 10 FT Hospital Grade IEC-Lock Power Cord 18AWG